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At Bayberry Hill, we value our customers and want to make the ordering process as easy as possible. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you quality service from real humans.

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We deliver spring water and install our water coolers all across Massachusetts and New Hampshire!

However, we only deliver water jugs to a 20 mile radius outside of Townsend, Masschusetts. This way, we can minimize our carbon footprint. 

To set up a delivery with us, please give us a call at:


We currently offer automatic deliveries and on-call deliveries of spring water, as well as cooler installations. 

For more information about our services and the types of water coolers we offer, check out our water services & delivery page.

We’re a small team and we’ve found over the years that calling is the easiest way to set up that first delivery.

Rather than rely on forms where there’s a possibility for miscommunication, our first phone call with you allows us to create a delivery experience that works for you, on your schedule.

It also allows you to get to know us personally, so you’ll have an idea of who’s delivering your water.

Auto Delivery: we will work with you to determine a delivery rotation that works for best you! We offer a variety of automatic renewal including: weekly, every two weeks, and so on; up to an 8 week rotation.

On-Call: you call us when you’re on your last bottle and we come pick up the used bottles within a few days. We’ll also deliver a new supply of water straight to you!

We are excited to introduce to you our customer centric billing platform!

This is where you can manage your payments and track historical deliveries. All you need to do to access it is creating an account at: https://bhwtr.com/account/.

The system allows you to manage all your payments without needing to contact us to double check on your orders, saving you even more time.

First Time Users: For your first log on you will first need your customer ID #, and your billing zipcode.

This information will be emailed to you at the end of the month following your first delivery.

Once you enter this into our system it will ask you to create your own username and password – this username and password will be what you use to log onto the platform in the future.

If you are checking for your invoice and wonder why you can’t find it, it may be because we haven’t processed it yet. All order processes take place at the end of each month.

Existing Users: You can log onto the billing service with the username and password you created when you made your account.

If you find yourself having any issues, please give us a call!

Your customer ID # is shown on your monthly invoice.

We typically process all of our deliveries for the previous month at the end of the current month/beginning of the following month. Regardless of if you have four deliveries a month or only one!

Your monthly invoice is sent via email.

If you are checking for your invoice or wonder why it is not there, it may be because we haven’t processed it yet.

We know plastic is the worst, but it’s one of the few materials that are cost effective and durable enough to withstand the demands placed on the bottles during delivery.

After one of our bottles has reached its useful life we bring it ourselves to a recycling plant that reprocesses them.

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About The Company

Founded as Bayberry Hill Spring Water in 1996 by Thomas and Anne Allen, the company blossomed from the Allen’s garage. Delivering 5 gallon reusable water jugs from the back of their car, the company spread across the state to residents and businesses of Northern Central Massachusetts.

Now, the company has grown to a small fleet of trucks delivering across New England. Following their 23 year stewardship of providing clean water and exceptional service to their community, the Allens retired and passed the torch to Andrew Shepherd.

After graduating with his Masters of Science in Resource Economics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Andrew moved back to his home town of Townsend, Massachusetts to work for his family farming and construction business. With his experience in the hay fields and the classroom in mind and a passion for environmental sustainability, Andrew worked to craft a new direction for Bayberry Hill Water.

We believe that with the help from our community across Northern Central Massachusetts we can be a part of the global movement to giver every person access to clean and safe drinking water.

Our Bottle 2 Bottle Promise

With every new customer, we will donate minimum of 5 gallons of water or the equivalent of your order to a community in need.